Saturday, August 15, 2009


ALBANY - New York Gov. David Paterson announced Tuesday his collaboration with George Soros and the Open Society Institute to provide onetime, $200 grants to low-income New York families. The grant would help families purchase school supplies. More than 800,000 students in the state would be eligible for the grant. The grants are available for students ages 3 through 17 whose families receive public assistance or food stamps. When reading the above stated, I am in awe.... Before I even begin to write... I first want to say that a minority of individuals on food stamps do need the assistance to get them back on their feet yet, the vast majority people clearly are abusing the system. I have no problem with David Paterson wanting to help out the needy with their school supplies, yet by giving the parents of each child 3-17 $200.00 for school supplies is NOT necessary, and is and will be abused. #1 I do believe that $100.00 each would be completely sufficient. #2 All person or persons on public assistance should have to be drug tested prior to receiving their public assistance every month! #3 Individuals with 5,6,7, + children have been seen purchasing flat screen tv's with their childrens school supply grant money! #4 If Paterson wants to help out the needy with school supplies, I truly believe the best way to do it is to set up shop at the local schools (i.e. something like a Secret Santa shop that numerous schools have during Christmas time). Therefore, the children will receive vouchers for school supplies only to be used at these shops, and theft will not be an issue anymore! And little Johnny will truly be all set for the upcoming school year!

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  1. So AGREE with you cuz! My hubby and I had the same exact conversation and came up with the same suggestions. Why is it that us "Lay people" have more common sense than these politicians?!? It is so frustrating!