Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just got back from Macy's with 10 bags in hand! That is right 10! Are you ready for the total????? $13.00!!! From now till February 21st, Macy’s is once again hosting the “Biggest Denim Event of the Season” sale. Here’s how it works. For ANY denim purchase that you make in misses, petites, women’s, men’s, young men’s, juniors or kid’s denim departments, you will get a $10 Savings Card at the register. You can then redeem each savings card through 3/3/2011 on your next sale or clearance purchase in ALL apparel departments including shoes and accessories (some exclusions do apply). You can see all the details in their weekly ad (page 27).

After I did a few transactions the rude cashier told me that I was getting items for too cheap and that I could not do it. I kindly said, " Oh, OK can you ask the manager and if he says that I can't I totally understand."  In her RUDE voice she said, "Sure, I don't know why they do these sales?!" The manager made his way over and she explained to him that my items were too cheap and the manager said, "Um, yes that is the promotion we are running right now." He said you can keep using these coupons all night as long is it on denim." He then told me to "shop away!" 

So come on fans... go to MACY'S and shop away (the manager approves) :)


  1. So, you buy one item of denim outright, and get a $10 coupon and use that to buy another sale or clearance price denim, and repeat the process?

  2. Yepper, you "role" them... and the best part is your first denim purchase could be $2.00 and you still get the $10.00 coupon back! :)